Bodywork: Healing from the Outside…in

21 Feb

 There are so many benefits to see a bodyworker. As most of us have realized, stress creates most of the imbalances in the body. Massage therapy actually lowers cortisol levels and raises serotonin. Immunity (T-cells) divide rapidly to create a higher immunity. Naturally increasing dopamine (which lowers pain, depression, helps with ADD/ADHD symptoms),increase histamine levels that lower inflammation, which is the #1 cause of pain in the body. We have our own pharmacy, receiving bodywork helps you tap into it.

As each client comes to me for different services, and for different health reasons, we are able to look at symptoms of pain related to different stressors. Some come weekly to manage chronic pain, some for injury related stress, as they are active and fit, some just know their lives and jobs are stressful and receive massage therapy to increase their immunity from viral attacks.

So if you have never received any bodywork, it is time! Massage therapists are trained in most states from 1000- 2000 hour programs, that usually works out to 2 years of education before they receive accreditation from their state and national licensure boards. If you are unable to come see me in Connecticut,♥, please check out to find a massage therapist near you. There are only 16 states with licensure, so I highly advise using this site or ask a friend that receives therapy who they would recommend. All therapists on this site have worked hard to continue their education in bodywork.

Massage Therapy has been an amazing part of my life. 12 years ago I went on a journey that has brought me to places I never knew. Bodywork became a focused interest when I was “diagnosed” with fibromyalgia in the year 2000. I was told I needed pain inhibitors, muscle relaxers and anti-depressants. I dove into as much information as I could obtain on this dis-ease and I realized it was all symptomatic. In essence, my whole life would be chasing pain. So I made a decision 10 years ago to never take a prescription or over-the-counter drugs. I soon went to school to become a Certified Chinese herbalist and have been able to keep my pain levels low with bodywork and natural medicine. My personal experience has also helped my clients along their journey to wellness.


2 Responses to “Bodywork: Healing from the Outside…in”

  1. Malia February 22, 2010 at 12:04 am #

    It’s good to know that massages are good for your body. I myself loves to get massages to release my stress. It gives me relaxation~ Thank you for the info.

  2. Lisa February 22, 2010 at 4:18 am #

    I have noticed that after switching to herbal supplements after years of OTC…that I feel 200% better. It really does make a difference. I will try the massage when I get a chance as well. Sounds wonderful.

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