19 Aug

It’s well after midnight on a weekday, andwhile most people are asleep, Elizabeth Earhartis performing exercises with the latest fitnessinvention on a 24-hour shopping network.And still smiling.And that’s not even the half of it. Whether it’s doing 100-yard sprints at the local high school, kicking off a motivational seminar or instructing clients in her group fitness class,this mother of two teenage kids (15 and 17)always has her motor running. It’s all in a day’swork, according to her.“All things are possible,” Earhart explains during a rare moment of downtime in her midweek schedule. “Anything is possible. It just depends on how bad you want it.”Life wasn’t always this enthusiastic for theTampa native, a self-described “skinny kid”who was a bit of a bench warmer when it came to sports. Earhart says she felt more clumsy than athletic when she tried out for sports like swimming and field hockey, never quite finding her niche.It was when she least expected it, that her life took a major turn.“Once I had my children, something clicked inmy head,” Earhart said. “Deep down inside I knew I wanted to get myself in shape. Never though, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would get to this level.”It’s been a long road, almost 10 years of hardcore training, but this past July Earhart earned her Pro Card, winning the overall title in the Masters Figure Division in 2010 NPC Team Universe Competition in New York.

What that means is that she is now eligible to compete internationally at the pro level and continue on her quest to conquer the fitness world.And she definitely has a plan. It begins with juggling a busy schedule which includes daily group training sessions at her own personal training studio called CorEfit in North Tampa. The fitness guru says she prefers small group sessions of two to six people because it’s more economical for the clients and helps her reach more people at once.

Her core philosophy is based in “muscle confusion,” another term for tricking the muscle into action. “You never know what you’re going to get with me,” she says and that’s why she believes her clients stay dedicated and motivated. One of whom she claims recently lost 42 pounds in six weeks, while another managed to shed 36 total inches from her body.“I don’t want them to look at the scale,”Earhart said. “Body composition and how they look in the mirror are more important. And I try to teach them a lifestyle, giving them what I call a “life plan” rather than a diet.” Skipping, squatting, lunging; you name it and she has them doing it on the treadmill whichis part of the key to getting “killer legs.” The focus is always on variety and fun and that’s what keeps them coming back.

Next up on her ‘To-Do’ list is taking care of the kids, and she doesn’t mean just her own. Her passion for children has led her to open Camp Wirl, a program for girls, 6th through 8th grade, which teaches them the importance of loving themselves and urges them not to identify themselves with who they hang out with but rather who they are inside. It’s a lesson in self esteem mixed with a bit of etiquette, internet safety, self-defense, fitness and nutrition.

For more info email her @info@thepoorchef.com


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