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The Crossroads of Diabetes

24 Sep

By “Annie Rose”

Since the beginning of time, every man and woman has searched for their purpose in life.  Whether it be the raising of children, leading a large corporation or finding the cure for cancer, finding your calling is essential to leading a happy and product life.

For Annie Rose of Colorado, she has done just that and a whole lot more.  Annie led a privileged childhood in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and yet as life progressed, she experienced the curveballs life tends to throw at each of us. 

Having experienced the loss of her father, her mother’s battle with breast cancer and a divorce of her own, Annie was left with three children and empty pockets.  This was the time in Annie’s life she decided to find her true calling.  Having lived with the illnesses brought upon her mother and father, Annie understood the suffering and hopelessness many families endure during illness and the trying times they cause.  With these powerful emotions in Annie’s quiver she decided it was her time to make a difference.

“To say I was at a crossroad would be an understatement”, this sentiment with a pinch of good fortune put her in front of Dr. W. Alan Tomlinson.  The lecture Annie attended featuring Dr. Tomlinson brought her and Diabetes prevention and reversal on an intersecting path that would launch her to the forefront of the disease.

The Blood Sugar Pack™ and all of the benefits associated with it would become Annie’s purpose and calling.  She set out on a mission to help the over 23 million children and adults living with Diabetes, that help is called the “1-2-3 Punch”.  Modification of Diet, Healthy Exercise and The Blood Sugar Pack™ make up this triple threat of healthy success.  As it relates to diet and exercise Annie suggests the following:

  • Do not eat “white” foods such as potatoes, white bread, pasta, white rice and sugar
  • Begin your day with protein and east lots of protein (lean beef, chicken, fish)
  • If you eat fruit have it before 2:00 pm
  • NO fruit juice
  • Eat limited amounts (1/2 cup or 2 slices bread) of WHOLE grain (complex carbohydrates)
  • Drink LOTS of water (it thins your blood)

If you don’t exercise right now, you DON’T have to run out and join a gym, which cannot only be expensive but intimidating.

  • Begin by leisure walking 10 minutes after your EVENING meal (either outside or if you are housebound then up and down your stairs or around your home)
  • ASAP increase to walking 10 minutes after all 3 meals
  • If you already exercise, add the walking as described above
  • For severely incapacitated folks, try getting a “rebounder” or mini-trampoline and gently “bounce” on it for 10 minutes or more after all 3 meals.

 The third ingredient of the “1-2-3 Punch” is The Blood Sugar Pack™.  The Blood Sugar Pack™ was designed specifically for diabetics to provide your body with complete and balanced nutrition in a superior form. This comprehensive pack contains four separate and very important products, providing over 100 very specific nutrients, which contain over 1000 bio-available ingredients that diabetics are proven to be deficient in, as well as a complete balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The products that make up the Blood Sugar Pack™ are Carbotone™, Calcitone™, Ultragard Forte and Omega Tone. 

Dr. Tomlinson has stated Carbotone™ “is the most advanced nutritional product that has been scientifically designed to intervene and assist with the support of healthy blood’.

Over the past 10 years, the success of the Blood Sugar Pack™ for Annie and her family has been life altering.  Her quest to help those with diabetes has led her to not only financial stability but an enriched sense of purpose.  Annie understands there are other products on the market that claim to offer those suffering with diabetes exceptional results yet offer limited success.  For this reason Annie openly states, “We invite skeptics, it is those who are skeptical and then see results that are the backbone of our success”.

This new project will add to her already immensely packed schedule which consists of her weekly radio show hosted each Friday at 6:00 pm EST which can be heard at  In addition to her radio show Annie hosts a weekly call on Thursday’s at 8:30 pm EST.  Her weekly call allows those suffering with diabetes a forum to discuss their situation with others. 

For further information about Annie Rose and the Blood Sugar Pack™, you may visit her website at