About The Healthy Dish

The Healthy Dish isn’t just a holistic approach to wellness, it’s a movement. The foundation was built on Charles Mattock’s intense passion to use his voice to have dialogue about diverse subjects that really matter. Like many, he were hungry for a healthy alternative to the daily “dish” that’s being served.

The Healthy Dish is a refreshing new talk radio show created to spice up the airwaves with discussions on hot topics focusing on food, health and relationships. Comparable to The View, The Healthy Dish is the brain-child of Host, Charles Mattocks, The Poor Chef. Charles has communicated his message of living a healthier lifestyle on a budget through multiple national media avenues including national television appearances and authoring a nationwide cookbook.

Nephew to Jamaican recording artist, Bob Marley, entertainment runs in the family of Charles Mattocks. Acclaimed actor and author, Charles has led a diverse career earning an Emmy nomination and paving way to his true passion; living a healthy lifestyle.

Charles created The Poor Chef to demonstrate that you can eat cheap, but eat well. He has taken his message nationwide with his book of the same title, publications and appearances on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Bonnie Hunt and more. It is Charles’ love of food, health and wellness that continues to feed his passion to help others live healthier and happier lifestyles.

Charles Mattocks, The Poor Chef brand remains in high demand, and encompasses nationwide cookbooks, magazine subscriptions, his own line of salsa and barbecue sauces, a feature animation series and his new hit radio show, The Healthy Dish. A current partner with the USDA My Pyramid Program, Charles aims to deliver a positive, holistic approach to overall health.

By adding the right amount of spice to topics on; Food, Health, and Relationships; he created the perfect recipe for captivating an audience with a wholesome appetite for wellness. Come join him on this marvelous journey. Take your time, browse the menu, and prepare yourself for an awesome dining experience. Charles is ready to take your order!


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