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We march on#2

20 Feb

So we had a meeting with the healthy dish team yesterday, and i tell ya it was needed but one of those things where it leaves a person very drained. In business there i alot to account for and dealing with different personalities can be very tiring at best. A few things i did take away from the meeting was that the business side of things needs to be taken care of right from the start or things can get very sticky, also be upfront with people so there are no misunderstandings on either ends. I do work with a young lady that i am very proud of, she’s one of my producers and her name is Teresa, she has rolled along with me through the great days and the days where we shake our heads at each other and wonder why and what were doing here. I guess why im writing about this today is that lessons are learned each day, each day we figure out who we are just a bit more, it seem to be an ongoing battle or a walk but one that im glad to be on, my faith has allowed me to know where my focus really lies and when the cameras are gone and the blogs and tweets are not around i can be confident of many things.

On another note of the journals from this week, i got a call from Dr oz show and they want me to come out this Tuesday and do a segment on wed, i do have to say the staff and the producers and truly the best i have worked with. I may not be able to make it because i had some other things to do but there top-notch, so if you get a chance to work with them it will be a pleasure, this week we have a big meeting on monday about some advertising for the radio show, we really need some advertisers to come through as that’s what makes the wheels keep going, the news letter will also be out at the end of the week and were so excited about that, Teresa showed me the rough and its soooo awesome, as you can tell im writing this myself, because im sure my grammar and spelling need tons of work, but jut wanted to let you in a bit on the making of the healthy dish.



We march on

17 Feb

I just got off with my producer for the show, we have been at odds for a day or so, i can say this, in any relationship there will be good times and the not so good times. I think i have the tendency to push a bit hard and way to fast, i have books i want written in weeks not months (the normal time frame) and we have put together a great show concept here and some great materials as well and an amazing news letter that looks like a magazine, all in a few short weeks, but my wanting it last night can at times get my loving team a bit upset with me. I do say that i could not and would not be here without them and that i don’t want to be, in life people come at times and seasons, i wonder why for some time now i am still in this god forsaken city, but then i realize if i was not here there may not be a healthy dish radio show or news letter or movement we are now about to take to the nation.

So with that being said, we had a bump in the road for a day and my little attitude must be checked, i tell you, we learn everyday, life is a classroom and at times i have a dunce hat on and im sitting in the corner. I’m very excited about the news letter and i will place a sample of the rough draft here just so our folks can take a peek, it will be distributed throught Orlando and will focus on health and wellness, i would suggest anyone that wants to be apart or advertise feel free to contact us, we must support these types of movements because they help promote health and wellness, we can stay on the air and showcase the amazing people who are trying to teach and educate so many if we don’t show support to things like this. So with that being said we march on, we make it another day, one step closer to the show, one step closer to the news letter being in stores one step closer to having a warm fuzzy feeling for taking a big chance and something we all have a passion for and that’s people.

Hello world!

16 Feb

As i sit at home thinking of what to start blogging about, and not sure how to even do this, i realize that i have to figure this out by myself, lol  I seem to seek help for these things and leave such important task in other peoples hands and then i become frustrated when it’s not done as fast as i would like, so i now join the journey of blogging. I’m sure my words will need editing and wont flow as good as it should but i hope all will get the point of what im trying to do. Ok so i am Charles mattocks, better known to some for the last 3 years as the poor chef, its been a great ride and many you can visit me on my web site at  I am proudly the author “Eat cheap but eat well’ on wiley publications and have some sauces and a magazine and news letter. My new baby is The healthy dish, i wanted to combine the best of both worlds and pulled in some amazing people. One of these people is Michelle the velvet hammer as she likes to be called, she is a mom a business woman and a life coach and all around great person, i have learned so much from her over a short time and i know many others will also, you can hear some of our blog shows at

I was inspired to create the poor chef by my son and now the Healthy dish is my voice to the many who aim to find answers to the many questions we all ask, we all aim to be healthy we all aim to be better people both mental and spiritual so The healthy dish is just that, great dish on the subjects we all want answers to. Enjoy the ride guys, i will also be posting on the Dr oz web site and will be sharing some great recipes and health and wellness tips from some of the many friends we have in wellness, feel free to join us in this new movement.